Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Peter J Woods
(Power Electronics, Harsh Noise From Milwaukee)

The Kingston Family Singers
(Not a Raggae band, I promise. from Belleville, IL)

with locals:

Alan George Ledergerber
(nonsensical bleeps and bloops)

Unnatural Element
(Industrial Electro Noise and such)

(Heavy petting rumble by Danny and Allen from Pepper Griswald, Cloud Lantern, Sputniq, yadda).

July 23 (Wednesday),

Burt's Tiki Lounge
313 Gold Ave. SW
Albuqueruqe, NM 87102

Doors at 8pm
Shows starts at 9:30pm.
$3 cover. 21+

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Occult of personality

Witch house/drag solo act How I Quit Crack is the electronic gospel of Austinite Tina Forbis. Experience HIQC—yes, the moniker actually refers to Forbis’ life experience with crack cocaine—bathed in black light, rocking glow-in-the-dark lingerie and conjuring her woozy, synthy worship at Synchro Studio (512-B Yale SE) on Tuesday, May 28. Alexandria, Va.-based noise-beat outfit Ca$h $lave Clique, Uranium Worker and a noisy collaboration between Ken Cornell (Alchemical Burn) and Alan George Ledergerber open the gig, and DJ Caterwaul spins suitably spectral tunes between sets. Seven bucks gets you in, and doors open at 8 p.m. Triangles, Tumblr and chopped-and-screwed sound, oh my ...
How I Quit Crack
How I Quit Crack
How I Quit Crack


I'm a little late posting this but, its still a pretty good right up.


Synchro proffers Dairyland dark wave sweets tonight

Dairyland dark wave
Dairyland dark wave
Everyone needs to get out of the house—no, work doesn't count—every now and again. I personally plan to do some R&R creepin' at Synchro Studio (512-B Yale SE) this evening. What could lure a dyed-in-the-wool recluse like me out and about? Samantha Glass. I've been a fan of Madison, Wis.-based synth hunk Beau Devereaux's work for a month of Sundays, and tonight he brings Burque "synthetic melodies remind[ing] one that moonlight can illuminate space in as striking a manner as any old mass of incandescent gas." Devereaux is touring with stellar Milwaukeean one-woman minimal synth/cold wave act Stacian. Highway dream-pop duo Dripping Rainbow and the inimitable Alan George Ledergerber rep our enchanted local scene. Peep related A/V below. Synchro Studio • Samantha Glass • Stacian • Dripping Rainbow • Alan George Ledergerber • Wed May 15 • 9 pm • $7 • ALL-AGES!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Atmospheric tunes transcend design

Experimental music strikes the right chords

Last updated: 04/02/13 11:49pm
Listening to music with no beat or lyrics might not be for everyone, but it certainly is an experience.
On Monday evening I attended a show at Synchro Studio, where several local musicians performed innovative, ambient music. They filled the space with heavy waves of sound, static loops and synth-y reverberations.
I could only stay for the first two performers, Sonicaust and Alan George Ledergerber, before returning to my perpetual confinement in Zimmerman Library; I will have to catch the other two acts at a later date: Alchemical Burn, self-described as “industrial death noise,” and Uranium Worker, composed of beat makers who are in two other local bands, Gusher and Javelina.
Experimental music is meant to be as listenable as it is ignorable — a sound that creates an atmosphere. For me, it’s also an internal experience that gives room for abstract reflection. People don’t normally dance to this music for lack of clear rhythm and beat, and lyrics are rarely used.
Sonicaust artist Josef Bachmeier said he usually rehearses once or twice before a show to create a general idea for his set, but much of it is improvised. I recommend closing your eyes during a show like this to fully appreciate the peculiar audio experiments.
Sonicaust is a one-man act in which Bachmeier creates a sound he describes as a “synth bath.” He blends dense, pulsing bass and eerie, cloud-like hums using a KORG synthesizer, a loop station and a distortion pedal. The result was a sequence of traveling sound that carried me from a murky swamp, through a tremendous storm and into some peaceful part of the cosmos.
Ledergerber, who booked the show, played a set of psychedelic ambient music while wearing a pink plastic bunny mask. The flier for the event mentioned him with the word “homoerotica” in parentheses. His performance reminded me of the startling mash-up of songs that introduce the film “Contact,” drifting as waves of sound into the depths of the unknown alien vacuum. It felt haunting, like the distant rumblings of dark ether, but I found it mostly enjoyable.
If you are curious about alternative music and inventive local musicians, the Synchro Studio is an excellent venue. Adrian Griego and Corina Sugarman opened the space January 2012, and have since hosted a variety of acts and art shows. Check them out for ambient noise-scape, modern folk, death metal and more.
Published April 2, 2013 in Culture

Lang Chen
Daily Lobo
Bunny-masked artist Alan George Ledergerber plays his keyboard Monday night in front of a crowd of listeners at Synchro Studios. Ledergerber, a psychedelic ambient musician, helped organize the night’s event with other local ambient artists.

Friday, March 15, 2013

the next casual encounter:

Forrest Friends
(Seattle, WA, ex-Gods Among Men/Tundra),

Uranium Worker
(Members of Gusher, Javelina,etc.),

Alchemical Burn
(Industrial Death Noise),

Alan George Ledergerber
(homoerotic synth ambiance),

(John Carpenter-esque Jams),

Synchro Studio
512 Yale Blvd SE
, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106

Doors at 8pm.
Bands at 8:30.

And a preview:
Forrest Friends Vid