Thursday, April 5, 2012

from the Weekly Alibi; April 5-11, 2012

High Desert Signals

Six experimenters synch up

Tiny Victim
Tiny Victim
If you lived in Burque during the past decade, you may have seen Justin Mitschelen around town. In the early- to mid-aughts, Mitschelen played keyboard in two laudable local bands, Karen and Manhole. Mitschelen relocated to San Diego in 2004 and has lived there ever since, save a chilly two-year stint in Chicago. He's been working on his noisy, synth-driven solo project, Tiny Victim, for several years and last performed locally a year ago at the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice. As Tiny Victim, Mitschelen employs a keyboard, effects rack, oscillator, drum machine and three reverb tanks. Mitschelen hesitates to categorize his output. “It really spans a lot of styles,” he says.
Alan George Ledergerber
Alan George Ledergerber
Musician Alan George Ledergerber has organized an experimental electronic showcase at DIY venue Moldspores on Friday, coinciding with Mitschelen's visit to his former stomping ground. Ledergerber and Mitschelen, who played together in Karen, will both perform solo at the show. Longtime local noise purveyor and sound guy Ken Cornell will exhibit his trademark knob-twisting, industrial wizardry as Alchemical Burn. Josef Bachmeier, of hard rock band Night Terrain, conjures John Carpenter-tinged horror synth sounds in his solo project, Sonicaust.
Dripping Rainbow creates a freeform sound using thrift store and toy instruments, samples and beat manipulation. The group is comprised of folks who ran the defunct Tree House venue. The band, formerly Reading Rainbow, adopted its new moniker as an homage to local graffiti legend the Rainbow Warrior, says Burque music historian Derek Caterwaul.
Daniel Brigman, who curates Moldspores and microlabel Featherspines, has been performing as Father of the Flood for seven years. Brigman says his sound initially emerged as “minimalist drone-based bass-synth layers.” Over time, he began incorporating more field recordings and raw sounds. Brigman started touring in 2007 and released a second full-length album, The Carcass Which Corrupts Worms, early this year. He says this work is percussion-based and inclusive of black metal sensibilities, with more vocal textures and tape manipulation.
Not even the performers know what order they're playing in at this showcase. There's no lineup scheduled or headlining act, says Ledergerber, who plans to order the acts by a pre-show lottery.
Caterwaul says the unifying theme in this show is a deep and sustained involvement in local music—through performance, promotion and running venues. Whether stalwarts or relative upstarts, these musicians aren't just dipping a toe into the collaborative scene here; they are “swimming in it.”
Tiny Victim
with Alan George Ledergerber, Alchemical Burn, Father of the Flood, Sonicaust and Dripping Rainbow

Friday, April 6, 8 p.m.
Moldspores 923 11 th Street NW Tickets : $5, all-ages

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Yet, another show.

Things in Light Podcast #12: Fauna Frequency Mix

Things in Light's twelfth podcast, Fauna Frequency Mix, features recordings by These Charming Cobras, Vomit the Void Volume, Dan K, Alan George Ledergerber, Kimnusico Trio, Bud Melvin, Reighnbeau, and Sad Baby Wolf. See the full track listing below.

1. These Charming Cobras - Stick and Pig
2. Vomit the Void Volume - Let's Go for a Ride
3. Dan K. - RÆCKS
4. Alan George Ledergerber - Toynbee Idea
5. Kimnusico Trio - Rasool's School of Music
6. Bud Melvin - Misty
7. Reighnbeau - Flutter
8. Sad Baby Wolf - 8th Level

Monday, February 6, 2012

not songs but anthems - vol. 2
It's been over 10 years but here it is: not songs but anthems - volume 2!

a 16 song compilation featuring music from all over the country! From New Mexico to Ohio, from Washington to New York, and from Louisiana to Texas!
-straight to you for FREE!

Featuring tracks from Alan George Ledergerber Dennis Driscoll (K recs) , Kyle Sowash, The Chaffin-Poelings , Jake Unruh, and more!

Friday, January 20, 2012

The One after that.

The Next One.

Things in Light Podcast #11: Moon-bleached Mix

Ansel Adams'  Aspens, Northern New Mexico, 1958

Things in Light's eleventh podcast, Moon-Bleached Mix, features recordings by Alan George Ledergerber, William Fowler Collins, Vomit the Void Volume, Alchemical Burn, Venus Bogardus, Dan K., The Scrams, DÆRK, and Chemtrail Pilot. See the full track listing below. 

1. Alan George Ledergerber - Soft Despotism
2. William Fowler Collins - Foothills' Ghost
3. Vomit the Void Volume - I'm Lost
4. Alchemical Burn - When Doves Cry
5. Dan K. - Dying Sunshine
6. Venus Bogardus - The G-Boys
7. The Scrams - La Llorona (Speak Onion Remix) 
9. Chemtrail Pilot - Somnambulism

Listen here.