Monday, February 20, 2012

Yet, another show.

Things in Light Podcast #12: Fauna Frequency Mix

Things in Light's twelfth podcast, Fauna Frequency Mix, features recordings by These Charming Cobras, Vomit the Void Volume, Dan K, Alan George Ledergerber, Kimnusico Trio, Bud Melvin, Reighnbeau, and Sad Baby Wolf. See the full track listing below.

1. These Charming Cobras - Stick and Pig
2. Vomit the Void Volume - Let's Go for a Ride
3. Dan K. - RÆCKS
4. Alan George Ledergerber - Toynbee Idea
5. Kimnusico Trio - Rasool's School of Music
6. Bud Melvin - Misty
7. Reighnbeau - Flutter
8. Sad Baby Wolf - 8th Level

Monday, February 6, 2012

not songs but anthems - vol. 2
It's been over 10 years but here it is: not songs but anthems - volume 2!

a 16 song compilation featuring music from all over the country! From New Mexico to Ohio, from Washington to New York, and from Louisiana to Texas!
-straight to you for FREE!

Featuring tracks from Alan George Ledergerber Dennis Driscoll (K recs) , Kyle Sowash, The Chaffin-Poelings , Jake Unruh, and more!